Social responsibility

 All PALLAS activities we will take into account of people and the environment, in the sense that the project is trying to limit the negative effects as much as possible.

To ensure this, we have chosen a systematic project approach with simple and clear rules that all employees can understand and follow.

In addition to its own employees all companies working for PALLAS also need to implement the core values of safety, reliability, professionalism. The PALLAS policy on safety, health, environment, quality and safety (SHEQS) will be used as the directive.



PALLAS is committed to the application of best relevant practice in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. The key aspects of its strategy to achieve this are:


PALLAS is committed to meeting requirements on time and in full. PALLAS is committed to discuss the requirements with (potential) customers and agree with them on these requirements. This will be achieved by:

Health and Safety

PALLAS considers the safety and health of its employees and those who work on its site to be paramount. Safety will never knowingly be compromised. PALLAS will:


The security of nuclear facilities, hardware, material and information to prevent the unauthorised proliferation, knowledge and use of reactor technology and material as well as the threat of sabotage or civil unrest is of prime importance to PALLAS. This will be pursued by: