General information

PALLAS aims to realise a state of the art multifunctional nuclear reactor, which is suitable for mainly producing medical isotopes and for conducting nuclear technology research. This reactor will replace the current High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten (NL), which has been in operation for over fifty years and is approaching the end of its economic life.

An impression of the PALLAS-reactor, seen from the Belkmerweg.

An impression of the PALLAS-reactor, seen from the Belkmerweg.

From 2025 onwards PALLAS, one of the world’s leading suppliers of medical isotopes, will play a crucial role in the supply chain for radiopharmaceutical products worldwide and in nuclear technology research. With the radiopharmaceutical products millions of people with cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be diagnosed and treated.

As of December 16th 2013 the PALLAS organization is formally incorporated in an independent foundation: the Foundation Preparation Pallas reactor (PALLAS). This organization has the objective to acquire a licensed design, ready for construction, and for attracting funding for the second phase: the construction and commissioning.

In the first phase PALLAS is divided in two (internal) projects: the Design & Licensing Project and the Business Case & Financing Project. For this first phase the Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Province of North Holland granted a loan of 80 million euros. The aim is to complete the preparation around 2020.

The second phase, the construction and commissioning of the PALLAS-reactor, will be funded privately and takes about five years. The lifetime of the new reactor is at least forty years. The PALLAS-reactor will seamlessly take over production of medical isotopes by the HFR.

For the role of designer (Designer Nuclear Island, DNI) PALLAS has selected the Argentinian-Dutch company ICHOS (INVAP and the TBI companies Croonwolter&dros – Mobilis). This DNI will deliver a state-of-the-art multifunctional reactor design. In addition, the DNI is expected to do the management of the construction and commissioning of the reactor.