Knowledge infrastructure and research

As in the HFR, the intention is to carry out high quality nuclear research assignments and programmes in PALLAS for private and public parties. Central themes are supply security of nuclear energy (in the medium and long term), safety research, optimisation of resource utilisation, waste management solutions and (basic) materials research. Along with the new research reactors MYRRHA (Belgium) and JHR (France), PALLAS is the mainstay of the European ambitions in this area.

At present, NRG distinguishes four ‘markets’ in this area:

  1. Innovative systems
  2. Demonstration projects (e.g. ITER)
  3. Commercial new build
  4. Existing nuclear facilities

NRG will retain and expand this role in the long term with PALLAS. After all, in the light of increasing global hunger for energy, it is important to exploit all energy options, also nuclear, as ‘smart’ as possible to satisfy this need in a responsible manner. The importance of nuclear power will increase rather than decrease.