Design zoning plan PALLAS (in Dutch):
Ontwerp Bestemmingsplan regels PALLAS-reactor
Ontwerp Bestemmingsplan toelichting PALLAS-reactor
Ontwerp Bestemmingsplan plankaart PALLAS-reactor
Beeldkwaliteitsplan PALLAS

Practical information for those who are considering submitting a view – such as the period that applies to this and the address to which the view must be sent – has been published on the website of the municipality of Schagen
An incorrect image was used in the SEA by mistake (figure 10 on page 28, Summary: figure 5 on page 13), this concerns an X-ray machine.
Background reports (in Dutch):
Nucleaire veiligheid
Bodem en water
Recreatie en toerisme
Landschap, cultuurhistorie en ruimtelijke kwaliteit

Interview with Titus Tielens, about his first 100 days at PALLAS, by Yess.

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is a specialised agency within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental organisation of industrialised countries based in Paris, France. The OECD-NEA has published a series of reports on the supply of medical radioisotopes.

AIPES (Association of Imaging Producers & Equipment Suppliers) brings the major pharmaceutical laboratories in nuclear medicine together with the major producers of medical equipments for this area of medicine, both multinationals and local medium size companies. On the website of AIPES you can find more information about nuclear medicine.

Nov 2017 – Medical isotopes, Global importance and opportunities for the Netherlands, a publication of Nuclear Netherlands.

Mar 2016 –  The PALLAS inspiration document on spatial quality 2016 presents recommendations from the local community about the architecture and landscape integration of the PALLAS-reactor in Petten.

Jan 2016 – Memorandum of notification SEA, with this document PALLAS expresses formally to launch a process that must lead to a change in the zoning plan of the research location Petten (OLP).
The translation of the original Dutch Memorandum of Intent for the Strategic Impact Assessment was commissioned by PALLAS. In the event of discrepancies between this translation and the original Dutch version, the latter shall prevail.

Nov 2015 – Report Nature Investigation Research Location Petten and Annex report (Dutch), by Antea Group.

May 2015 – Mededelingsnotitie Milieueffectrapportage (Dutch), on Tuesday May 26th filed with the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), the first formal step in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)-procedure.

Jan 2013 – Leaflet PALLAS Developing the healthcare and energy research of tomorrow.

Oct 2011 – The PALLAS ‘Memorandum of Aims‘  is a visualisation of the architecture and landscaping based on wishes and ideas of local residents and the professional look of the architects.

May 2011 – Report of the second meeting on architecture and landscaping on May 31th. (Dutch)

May 2011 – Report of the first meeting on architecture and landscaping and invitation for the 2nd meeting on May 31th. (Dutch)
Source: Het Portaal

May 2011 – Presentation PALLAS, A nuclear reactor fit for the future, IAEA Headquarters Vienna (Austria) 16 May 2011.

Apr 2011 – Report of the meeting on architecture and landscaping of the PALLAS reactor, 28 April 2011. (Dutch)

Dec 2010 – Article Dutch dream of new HFR, in Nuclear Engineering International.

Sep 2010- Presentation Information meeting PALLAS, 29 September 2010. (Dutch)

Sep 2010 – Information sheet ‘Nieuwe kernreactor onmisbaar voor moderne gezondheidszorg’. Why cyclotrons are no alternative for the production of medical isotopes. (Dutch)