Business case

The main focus of PALLAS is the production of a large number of medical isotopes. Relevant for the business case is therefore how the market for medical isotopes will develop, whether they will remain so vital in the future.

Through a comprehensive range of interviews with physicians, researchers, both large and small pharmaceutical companies, existing and potential customers, and potential investors, PALLAS created an analysis. Based on this solid, well-founded report, PALLAS entered into talks with potential investors. The market demand is expected to increase steadily in the years to come, due to aging, better (world) healthcare and more new therapies. Take a look at the publications of the RIVM about recent medical trends, which substantiates the need for PALLAS. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with PALLAS.

A unique investment opportunity
What makes investing in PALLAS unique?

  • Guaranteed demand: the world needs medical isotopes.
  • The market demand is expected to increase steadily in the years to come due to aging, better (world) healthcare, and more new therapies.
  • Supply is decreasing: the HFR will phase out, but other reactors are dated as well.
  • Potential high market value: the HFR currently has 70% of the European and 30% worldwide market share.
  • Future-proof: because of the unique, flexible design, PALLAS can continuously respond to a moving market demand.