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IAEA experts visit Petten for a mission on safety aspects of the PALLAS-reactor construction programme

03 July 2024

IAEA experts visited the PALLAS office in Alkmaar, and the construction site of the PALLAS-reactor in Petten for a mission on safety aspects of the construction programme. This mission was requested by the ANVS – the Dutch regulatory body – and PALLAS.

From the 25th of June to the 2nd of July, a team of five international experts and one IAEA-staffer visited the PALLAS-reactor construction site in Petten, and the PALLAS office in Alkmaar, on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The aim of this mission was to review the safety aspects of the PALLAS construction programme, and the transition from the construction to the commissioning phase.

The IAEA team spent over a week looking at the processes, procedures, and safety aspects related to the construction of the PALLAS-reactor in departments such as engineering, quality, and operational readiness. The IAEA concludes that the PALLAS organisation is closely aligned to IAEA safety standards. Therefore, it is clear that NRG PALLAS is well-prepared to undertake the design and construction of the PALLAS research reactor.

The IAEA mission team leader, Joseph Christensen (Senior Nuclear Safety Officer), complimented NRG PALLAS on the thorough preparation, openness, and technical knowledge of the staff throughout the conduct of the mission. The team also recognises the commitment of PALLAS management and staff to continue to ensure safety during the future construction activities.

There are recommendations for five areas, namely organisational and management, construction programme and activities, training and qualification programmes, and safety documents. These recommendations are intended to ensure that safety is continued to be emphasised throughout the design and construction of the PALLAS-reactor.

Worldwide each day more than 30,000 patients are being helped with the medical isotopes produced by the current HFR reactor, exploited by NRG PALLAS. To secure the production and availability of the essential ingredients of nuclear medicine in the future, NRG PALLAS is amidst construction of the new PALLAS-reactor. Construction will commence after a positive outcome of the state aid procedure.  

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