NKR: growing number of cancer patients

4 February 2019

The NKR (Dutch national database with information about cancer patients) states that there is a growing number of people being diagnosed with cancer. In 2018 it concerned 116.000 people, twice the number as 30 years ago.

Even though cancer is the number 1 cause of death in the Netherlands, 64% of the patients currently are being cured. Both diagnosis as treatment is performed with the help of medical isotopes. The growing number of cancer patients and the important role in treating these patients with medical isotopes, emphasizes the need for a new reactor. A new reactor is important to continue the steady supply of medical isotopes for treating and diagnosing these cancer patients. 

“I absolutely advocate a new reactor, which really has to come.”

Fred Verzijlbergen (professor Nuclear Medicine)

The figures are based on research by the Dutch Cancer Registry (NKR). View the research and previous studies on the website of NKR (in Dutch): cijfersoverkanker.nl.

The news item is available at the site of the NOS (in Dutch): journal 3 February.