PALLAS starts pre-qualification for Licensing Engineer and Off Plot Scope designer

16 January 2015

Press release

Petten, 16 January 2015
PALLAS starts pre-qualification for Licensing Engineer and Off Plot Scope designer

This Friday (January 16th) the Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor (PALLAS) will launch the pre-qualification for the appointment of a Licensing Engineer and Off Plot Scope designer (LEOPS).

PALLAS is looking for a LEOPS candidate that can provide all necessary support to secure that all the licenses and permits required for the PALLAS-reactor are obtained in time. At the same time the LEOPS has to undertake the design of the Off Plot Scope. This includes all buildings/facilities outside of the reactor building (e.g. secondary cooling water supply, connection to gas, water, electricity and sewage, office buildings and fences).

The LEOPS contract is the second of three major contracts that the PALLAS Design & Licensing team will be placing. The prequalification for the Owners Engineer was launched on Friday December 5th (press release). The last and final major contract is for the Designer Nuclear Island (reactor building and reactor bound systems and installations). It is the intention of PALLAS to award an EPCM Contract to the successful Designer Nuclear Island during 2016.

The deadline for candidates to respond to the LEOPS pre-qualification questionnaire is 12:00 (CET) on 23 February 2015. All responses must be submitted through the Negometrix System (a digital procurement platform). Successful candidates will be sent an Invitation to Tender by PALLAS on or before 20 March 2015.

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Note for editorial staff:
For further information please contact PALLAS Communications, Jorinde Schrijver, +31 (0)224 568354, mobile +31 (0)6 25003329

PALLAS in brief
The Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor (PALLAS) aims to realise a state-of-the art multi-purpose reactor, which is suitable for producing (medical) isotopes and for supplying a wide range of irradiation services. This reactor is to replace the current High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten (NL).

PALLAS was founded on December 16, 2013 with the purpose to prepare a design, to obtain the necessary licenses and to assure that there are private resources available (phase 1) for the construction and commissioning (phase 2) of the PALLAS-reactor.

For the first phase the Dutch government has granted a loan of 80 million euros. The design, construction and commissioning combined will take about ten years. The lifetime of the new reactor is at least forty years.