Province of Noord-Holland and municipality of Schagen: “Realisation PALLAS-reactor is important.”

10 February 2021

On the 4th of February 2021, the province of Noord-Holland sent a letter to the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, also on behalf of the municipality of Schagen. In this letter, the province mentions the importance of the realisation of the PALLAS-reactor.

Deputy Ilse Zaal says: “With our letter we want to emphasize the importance of realising the PALLAS-reactor. We are also writing the letter on behalf of the municipality of Schagen. Our common interest lies in maintaining and strengthening the knowledge infrastructure and employment for Noord-Holland, but above all in the health of our citizens.”

Among others, the letter mentions that not realising the PALLAS-reactor will have major consequences for employment opportunities. The province not only foresees a loss of approximately 1000 jobs on the Energy & Health Campus, but also a comparable number of jobs that will be indirectly lost at suppliers and customers. This means that not only the region is losing employment, but also the rest of the Netherlands.

You can read the full article and the letter (both in Dutch) here: “Province and municipality: Realisation PALLAS-reactor important”