Remco van Lunteren new chairman of PALLAS Supervisory Board

15 July 2016

Remco van Lunteren (38), Director of Strategic Alliances for the University Medical Center Utrecht, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Supervisory Board of PALLAS. He replaces former chairman Lex Hoogduin, who stepped down in the spring of 2015. The other Supervisory Board members are Mich van der Harst, Jan Telgen and Wim Turkenburg.

In accordance with the statutes of PALLAS (in full Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor), Van Lunteren is appointed as member of the Board by the Department of Economic Affairs and the Province of North Holland. Together these governments established PALLAS and granted the organisation a loan of 80 M€. The assignment of PALLAS includes obtaining a licensable design and assuring that private resources are available for the construction and operation of the new reactor in Petten.

In addition to being a Director at the University Medical Center Utrecht, Van Lunteren is a former member of the Executive Council of the Province of Utrecht. The new chairman sees PALLAS as ‘having a critical role to play in ensuring the Dutch continue to be global leaders in the production of medical isotopes and nuclear technology research.’

Note for editorial staff
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PALLAS in brief
The Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor (PALLAS) aims to realise a state-of-the art multi-purpose reactor which is suitable for producing (medical) isotopes and for supplying a wide range of irradiation services. This reactor is to replace the current High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten (NL).

PALLAS was founded on December 16, 2013 with the purpose to prepare a design, to obtain the necessary licenses and to assure that there are private resources available (phase 1) for the construction and commissioning (phase 2) of the PALLAS-reactor.

For the first phase the Dutch government has granted a loan of 80 million euros. The design, construction and commissioning combined will take about ten years. The lifetime of the new reactor is at least forty years.