Soil research on and around Research Location Petten

4 October 2017

In the coming weeks, PALLAS will conduct soil research on and around the Research Location Petten. The company Rizzo Associates starts at the beginning of October, in some cases traffic measures are required.

PALLAS performs various studies in support of the various licensing procedures. In the investigations into the characterisation of the building plot (‘site characterisation’) the subsoil, among other things, is examined. PALLAS will conduct additional soil research, the fieldwork will consist of generating vibrations on and near the future building plot and the installation of measuring equipment.

Our local newspaper published an article about the activities in Petten (in Dutch):

NH Dagblad, Metingen langs Westerduinweg wegens PALLAS

More detailed information can be found in the letter and attachment below that has been sent to local residents (in Dutch).