Nuclear Health Centre

PALLAS is investigating the possibility of setting up a Nuclear Health Centre (NHC), so that not only all kinds of ‘targets’ can be radiated, but the next step can also be taken in the chain towards chemical and possibly medical processing of radiated material. This would allow PALLAS to expand its range of activities, thereby better distributing risks.

In the medical sector there is a great need for centers that process irradiated products (such as Lu-177) from a reactor into medicines. The NHC could meet this need as a production facility by offering facilities for the development and production of nuclear medicines. Some benefits for the medical sector at a glance:

  • Shorter logistical chain in the proximity of the reactor;
  • Economies of scale in processing;
  • Consolidation of the production chain, resulting in less loss due to decay. This means there is less waste and fewer raw materials are needed.

PALLAS, together with other medical parties, is a partner of the Fieldlab in Petten. The Fieldlab of NRG is used for research and development of medical isotopes and the possibility to make microbatches. This is therefore the production on a small scale. The NHC focuses on production on a large scale.
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