Importance for Petten

Why in Petten?
Petten is the only place in Europe with a reactor, processor and radiopharmaceutical production facility combined on one terrain. It is this unique infrastructure at a central location that allows medical isotopes to be on the spot quickly.

With approximately 1600 employees, Petten is one of the largest employers in the Noord-Holland headquarters and with it a ‘flywheel’ of activity in and around Petten. All of these people live and recreate in the area, which affects the local economy and led to the establishment of the European School in Bergen, among other things. Without the HFR and without PALLAS, a large part of the activity will disappear from the dunes of Petten.

Mayor of Schagen, Marjan van Kampen about PALLAS
‘I am incredibly proud that there is a large chance of a nuclear reactor being built in Petten, a part of our municipality of Schagen, which will be important to healthcare around the globe. It will produce medical isotopes that help us to get a better grasp on cancer. I find it an exciting development that not only will we improve diagnostics with the help of medical isotopes, but there are also increasingly more possibilities to treat patients with this horrific illness.’

Important for high-quality employment
‘My primary task as mayor is to guarantee the safety of our citizens. That is why, when building the reactor, the very strict requirements regarding safety and the handling of nuclear waste must be taken into account. Another aspect of my duties is employment. Sectors such as flower bulb cultivation, seed enhancement and wind energy have already created high-quality jobs in our region. The arrival of PALLAS will create even more excellent job opportunities, especially if the desired Energy & Health Campus, in which numerous other organisations are also active, is developed around PALLAS. One of those organisations is TNO, which has delved into applied energy research here in a research centre, together with ECN part of TNO. We must dare to dream bigger! PALLAS cannot do it alone. I strongly believe in the power of teamwork. PALLAS must join forces with hospitals, the various government authorities, knowledge institutes and other facility services companies. I have every confidence that the reactor will be built, provided that all the safety guarantees are in place.’