Peter Dijk appointed programme director new PALLAS-reactor Petten

Peter Dijk appointed programme director new PALLAS-reactor Petten

26 November 2021

Effective 1 February 2022, Peter Dijk has accepted the position of programme director PALLAS. Peter will be in charge of the PALLAS programme organisation and will as such supervise the construction of the PALLAS-reactor and its connected facilities for the production of nuclear medicines at the Energy and Health Campus in Petten.

Bertholt Leeftink, CEO NRG|PALLAS: “As the basic design of the new reactor approaches completion, the programme enters a new, essential phase: the actual construction. Therefore, I am very pleased with Peter joining our team. Peter has the experience and skills needed to realise a unique and complex infrastructural programme”. Peter Dijk: “Large, complex projects combined with social interest mark my career. It is a wonderful challenge to be able to use my experience for the realisation of a new reactor that is vital to 30 thousand patients every day. I am really looking forward to joining the team of NRG | PALLAS to make this happen”.

It is expected that the new government will decide on the financing of the new reactor in the first quarter of 2022. With Peter joining, NRG|PALLAS takes the next step in the previously announced integration of the two organisations. Bertholt Leeftink: “The addition to the NRG and PALLAS boards help us realise our joint ambition: defending and expanding our position of global market leader in the field of development and production of medical isotopes. Peter’s appointment fits NRG and PALLAS’ ambition to further integrate and finally, merge. With Peter’s appointment, Hermen van der Lugt will take up the position of the director compliance, risk and organisation for both NRG and PALLAS. Currently, Hermen is the managing director of PALLAS. As the ‘founding father’ of PALLAS, Hermen is pre-eminently qualified to design the integration of NRG and PALLAS in the fields of compliance, risk and organisation”.

Hermen van der Lugt: “After establishing the shared board, the ‘personele unie’ of NRG and PALLAS, it became necessary and key to appoint a single person to supervise the responsibilities in the field of compliance, risk and organisation, and render these future-proof. The realisation of the construction programme faces major challenges, while simultaneously, the current facilities must remain operational in a safe and reliable manner. I am looking forward to working with Peter to make these challenges a reality”.

At present, Peter is the head of programme development with the Schiphol Group. During the period 2008-2016, he was involved in the construction of the North-South track in Amsterdam as the project director, and he acted as the general manager for the “Dienst Metro & Tram” (Subway and Streetcar Service). Previous to that, he contributed to the success of the Betuwe-route as project director.


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