Medical isotopes

Nuclear medicine specialists use radioactive material to determine whether organs are functioning properly and to detect cancerous growths or heart and lung disease at an early stage (diagnostics). In addition, so-called therapeutic isotopes are used in the treatment of patients (therapy). The PALLAS-reactor will produce both diagnostic and therapeutic isotopes.

What is an isotope?

Isotopes are atoms of the same element. The nucleus of an atom consists of neutrons and protons.

What do you use medical isotopes for?

Every year, 48 million patients with cardiovascular disease or cancer worldwide use medications made with the help of medical isotopes.

How does the supply chain work?

The irradiation of raw materials is only a small part of the production process of medical isotopes.

Where are isotopes produced worldwide?

The Netherlands occupies a special position as currently the largest producer of medical isotopes in the world.

Trends and developments

PALLAS has the ambition to become the knowledge center of Europe for nuclear medicine.