At PALLAS, a lot of attention is being paid to safety, from the reactor core to all other nuclear systems that are needed to operate the reactor safely. All lessons learned in the nuclear field have been taken into account while designing the reactor. The reactor is resistant to potential external hazards, such as a plane crash or earthquakes. PALLAS adheres to extensive international and national laws and regulations in order to safely operate the reactor.

Safety of the reactor is monitored during its whole lifetime

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations
  • Decommissioning & dismantling

The nuclear reactor must meet the following safety functions

Control Reactivity

  • First Shutdown System
  • First Reactor Protection System
  • Second Shutdown System
  • Second Reactor Protection System

Cool the nuclear materials

  • Primary Colling System
  • Pool Cooling System
  • Service Pool

Enclose the radioactive materials or nuclear fuels

  • Fissile material cladding
  • Reactor Building Ventilation System
  • Nuclear Island Building

PALLAS ensures that people and the environment are protected from the harmful effects of ionising radiation and occupational or industrial hazards at all times.

Control Room

Control room

  • The room from which operators operate the reactor.
  • The PALLAS-reactor's control room is highly digital and not like mechanical 'button-based' control rooms. 

All functional requirements are compiled in Technical Regulations that are continuously coordinated with the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS).
In addition, the latest international regulations from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are checked regularly.