To select a designer of the PALLAS-reactor, a European tender procedure was followed, to which all companies with experience in designing a multipurpose reactor could apply. PALLAS selected the Argentinian-Dutch company ICHOS. On 24 January 2018, the contract was signed, giving ICHOS B.V. the grounds to design a state-of-the-art nuclear reactor for PALLAS.

ICHOS Isologotipo

ICHOS is the general contractor and is responsible for the design, parts of the implementation, and commissioning of the PALLAS-reactor. A "Keep Well Agreement" provides PALLAS with assurance of full support and resources from the ICHOS partners.

ICHOS B.V. was founded by Argentina's state-owned INVAP and Dutch partners Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis. ICHOS B.V. is 50 per cent owned by INVAP and 25 per cent by each of the Dutch partners.

INVAP is an Argentinian company specialising in the design and construction of complex engineering systems, with nuclear multipurpose reactors at its core. INVAP is also further involved in the design and construction of Earth observation and telecommunication satellites, industrial plants, radar systems, and radiotherapy centres.

In its own laboratories and workshops, INVAP produces all critical components for nuclear reactors, such as nuclear and conventional instruments, radiation detectors, control rod drives, radiological control equipment, and nuclear-qualified mechanical parts and equipment.

INVAP has accumulated worldwide experience and unique expertise over more than 40 years in designing, constructing, and licensing multipurpose reactors including: RA-6 (Argentina, 1982), RP-10 (Peru, 1988), NUR (Algeria, 1989), ETRR2 (Egypt, 1998), RA 8 (Argentina, 1998), OPAL (Australia, 2006), RA 10 (Argentina, construction phase), LPPR (Saudi Arabia, construction phase), and RMB (Brazil, design phase).

For the implementation of all these projects, INVAP developed a strong technical team with extensive experience in designing or modifying a multipurpose reactor in accordance with various customer requirements.