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The milestones of our colleagues at PALLAS

Our team is unique, with many different backgrounds

Amélie Pajot

Cost Controller - Project Controls
Amélie Pajot 2 Pallas 2023

Cost control, part of “project controls,” is an ongoing activity. We work together a lot, because costs are always related to planning and possible risks for other departments. Our team is unique, with many different areas of expertise and backgrounds. I find that very enriching.

For me: working on the PALLAS-project, who wouldn’t want to be part of that? In an indispensable market for citizens and a growing market for the economy. In addition, the location is beautiful, from the coast to the bulb fields. That the organization also respects, cherishes and protects this is something you expect from an organization nowadays: care for the future.

A project like PALLAS comes along only once in a generation

Alex Rood

Manager Procurement
Alex Rood 1 Pallas 2023

In order to build the reactor, we have to contract the construction party, among other things. This involves tenders, which Procurement organizes. A diverse process, which includes aspects such as strategy and laws and regulations. That alone requires a team with varying qualities. Add to that the dynamics of the construction world and you’ll understand that our department functions as the spider in the web of NRG|PALLAS.

Personally, working at NRG|PALLAS appeals to me because the PALLAS-project occurs only once in a generation. Contributing to that, together with different expertises and cultures, that brings a lot of job satisfaction!

Sietsche Eppinga 2 Pallas 2023 Pallas 2023

Sietsche Eppinga

Construction Director


Safe construction of complex civil projects with a technically feasible design has always been my focus. That I get to apply that experience to the realization of a new reactor that is vital for 30 thousand patients a day is a great challenge.

A dynamic organisation with very competent people

Ben Slee

Construction Manager

I work within PALLAS as construction manager. In addition to the construction pit, I am responsible for all the buildings that we will construct for the PALLAS project. 

We will need many people in the coming years for the construction of the PALLAS-reactor. I find it a nice organisation to work for. It is a young, dynamic organisation and with very competent people on board. 

And we still have an enormous amount of work to do to realise the project so that we can continue to help 30,000 people a day. It is very special to be able to contribute to that.  

Ben Slee 2 Pallas 2023