Even though we might not think about it often, there is a good chance that we all know someone who has been treated or examined with radioactive substances at the nuclear department of a hospital.

Every day, 30,000 people are helped with medical radioisotopes that are produced in the Dutch town Petten. The Netherlands is a global top producer.

PALLAS is the new medical isotopes reactor that will replace the old High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten. The arrival of the PALLAS-reactor will enable the Netherlands to continue to help millions of people and even save lives for the next 50 years. PALLAS will start in the future with activities to produce medical isotopes for diagnosis, therapy and (medical) nuclear research.

Pallas kerncentrale kernreactor hfr petten


  • Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor awards KWS

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  • PALLAS applies for Nuclear Energy Act permit from the ANVS and Water Act permit from Rijkswaterstaat

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  • Minister Kuipers visits High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten

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  • Sloopwerkzaamheden

Demolition work finished for PALLAS-reactor site