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Nuclear doctors talk about importance of PALLAS-reactor

25 June 2024

Nuclear doctors have welcomed the cabinet's decision to fully finance the PALLAS-reactor. There have been concerns for several years, that shortages would arise in the supply of medical isotopes after 2030. The continued insistence on a positive decision from stakeholders such as the Dutch Association of Nuclear Physicians (NVNG) has been of decisive importance.

The approval for the construction of the PALLAS-reactor and adjacent research facilities is called “a huge step in the right direction to consolidate the leading role of the Netherlands in the field of nuclear medicine”. The Journal for Nuclear Medicine (TvNG) has asked several key figures from the nuclear sector for a response to the cabinet decision.

In the accompanying article, Rudi Diercks, Wim Oyen, Lars Roobol, Daniela Oprea-Lager, Andor Glaudemans and Erik de Blois give their vision on the future of nuclear medicine.

On behalf of NRG PALLAS, Vinod Ramnandanlal discusses developments in the field of therapeutic isotopes, personalized medicine and the opportunities that FIELDLAB offers.

Vinod Ramnandanlal (see photo): “Therapeutic isotopes contribute to survival rates, quality of life and cost control in healthcare. Many of these promising developments for various conditions are currently still in the preclinical phase. It is expected that many of these preclinical phases will be completed in the coming years, after which the medicines can be registered. NRG PALLAS supplies medical isotopes for clinical studies and for registered products. Hospitals and the associated infrastructure throughout the chain must also be able to develop further to accommodate the growth in the number of patients.”

Quotes from those involved about the importance of PALLAS

Andor Glaudemans (chairman of NVNG): “Security of supply and availability of medical isotopes for every patient is essential. Patients must be able to assume that radiopharmaceuticals are available every day. As NVNG we stand for this security of supply for every patient, at any time. Since 2010, many NVNG boards have been working to make the arrival of a new reactor possible and fortunately it led to this result.”

Daniela Oprea-Lager: “I am pleased with all the developments in nuclear medicine, because they bring new perspectives in both diagnostics and therapy for our patients. The new PALLAS-reactor will become a global leader in the production of medical isotopes and will play a prominent role in the development of new theranostic agents and innovative nuclear technology.”

Wim Oyen: “As Medical Isotope Quartermaster at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, I am busy mapping the possibilities for developing new medical isotopes and tracers and bringing these parties together. I sense a great enthusiasm for collaboration among all parties. The PALLAS-reactor will be a huge boost for the further development of this ecosystem.”

You can read the entire article here (in Dutch).


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