Construction consortium

The design and construction of the reactor is tendered at an European level. PALLAS chose ICHOS at the beginning of 2018: a consortium consisting of the Dutch companies Mobilis and Croonwolter&dros of the TBI holding, and the Argentinian INVAP. In 2020, PALLAS restructured and the contract structure with the consortium INVAP / TBI was adjusted. TBI left the consortium at the end of 2020. The Argentine INVAP, which carries out the design of the reactor, is the remaining partner.

INVAP has extensive experience in large nuclear projects such as the OPAL reactor in Australia. It has proven itself a capable organisation that is able to implement safety and successful completion within deadline and within budget.

PALLAS and ICHOS are currently looking at how the construction work can be put back on the market and are developing a tendering strategy. The consortium, in close collaboration with PALLAS, will deliver the ultimate state-of-the-art reactor design and take care of the construction and start-up of the reactor.