Permits and legislation

A reactor obviously can’t just be built: all kinds of laws, decisions, regulations, guidelines, and plans are required before construction can start. The most decisive are:

  • The Nuclear Energy Act (KEW) for the establishment and operation of the PALLAS-reactor. Important parts of the application for the KEW permit are the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Safety Report (VR).
  • Water Act for all direct water discharges.
  • Act on general provisions for environmental law (Wabo) for site activities, such as construction, installation, and use.
  • Nature Conservation Act for conserving the nature area (Natura 2000).

PALLAS is expected to start preparations for the construction in 2020.

EIA and zoning plan
An important step has now been taken with the submission of the ‘Plan-MER’ (EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment) to the municipality of Schagen. An inventory containing all information regarding the environmental impact of the reactor has been made. The EIA is primarily a tool for decision-making government bodies, to help them to take the environment into account when deciding on the revision of the zoning plan. You can read the latest current events of the EIA plan on the municipality of Schagen website.

The EIA plan is an extensive and technical document, read the summary here.