Waste management

All PALLAS activities structurally consider every possible impact on people and the environment, on all aspects. PALLAS strives to eliminate or minimise negative effects and risks and to redress them where possible.

During the design of the PALLAS-reactor, we looked at the efficient organisation and minimization of the waste flow of radioactive waste. In addition, the PALLAS-reactor complies with all (safety) regulations in the area of ​​handling waste. The business case also takes the decommissioning into account.

All companies in the Netherlands that are licensed under the Nuclear Energy Act to work with radioactive substances are obliged to offer their radioactive waste to the Central Organization for Radioactive Waste (COVRA). In order to carry out the care task for the radioactive waste, COVRA has realized a storage and processing facility in Zeeland, on the Vlissingen-Oost harbor site in the municipality of Borsele. More information about this can be found on their website: www.covra.nl.