Nuclear medicine – Wim Oyen

We asked Wim Oyen, professor of Nuclear Medicine Humanitas University and Radboudumc Nijmegen, nuclear medicine physician Rijnstate Arnhem and president of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, his view on PALLAS.

‘My European colleagues regularly ask me about the progress of the PALLAS-reactor. They, like me, recognize the importance of this new reactor. They know that the current High Flux Reactor in Petten is due to be closed, and fear the moment that we will have a shortage of medical isotopes worldwide.

As the president of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, I am in close contact with nuclear medicine physicians from over forty member European countries. In the past, America was the great initiator of research into and working with nuclear diagnostic and treatment methods. However, Europe has been the leader in the last ten years. The Netherlands plays an important role in this.

The Netherlands continues to develop into a knowledge economy, for which our strong position in the field of nuclear medicine is crucial. The arrival of the new reactor, which in turn will attract all sorts of knowledge institutions and nuclear researchers, can greatly contribute to this.’

Source: Focus on PALLAS