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PALLAS has extensive social importance. The reactor can save many lives, but we also understand its impact on safety and the environment. Therefore, we follow multiple principles and adhere to standards set by existing regulations and by our pursuit of excellence.  

For PALLAS, the security of its (nuclear) facilities, material, and information is vital. To prevent the safety of people and the environment from being compromised and to prevent data and information about the reactor, the technology, and/or (reactor) material from falling into the wrong hands, we comply with the following rules:

  • PALLAS meets the conditions set in IAEA Nuclear Security Guidelines and Dutch legislation.
  • PALLAS ensures that the reactor design will at least meet the relevant conditions as stated in Dutch and international legislation and that it meets regulations in the field of the security of nuclear installations and nuclear material.
  • PALLAS maintains the correct classification for security procedures for the design documentation, including the implementation of the ‘need to know’ principle.
  • PALLAS involves all employees with and ensures that all employees are working with the security procedures and instructions. PALLAS will train them and will continuously strive for improvement.

The safety and health of people and those who work for PALLAS have the highest priority. Within the relatively young organisation, we are working hard to promote and maintain a strong safety culture based on openness and transparency.

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  • PALLAS guarantees safe and healthy working conditions.
  • PALLAS provides tailor-made training for its personnel where necessary.
  • PALLAS closely monitors and measures safety performance and working conditions where necessary.
  • PALLAS has implemented effective incident procedures.
  • PALLAS asks all its suppliers and contractors to comply with its safety and health rules and to encourage each other to optimise where possible.
  • PALLAS meets all requirements with regard to legislation and regulations in the area of safety and health.
  • The PALLAS Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • PALLAS ensures a thorough description of the specifications and strict follow-up on delivery in accordance with these specifications.
  • PALLAS communicates effectively with various stakeholders involved.
  • PALLAS involves all employees with and ensures that all employees are working with procedures and instructions, brought together in the Management System.
  • PALLAS prioritises continuous improvement and measures this systematically via the Continual Improvement Plan containing SMART-defined objectives, actions, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • PALLAS encourages employees to provide opportunities for improvement.
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  • For all activities, PALLAS structurally considers every possible impact on people and the environment, in all aspects. PALLAS strives to eliminate or minimise negative effects and risks and to reverse them for the better where possible.
  • In addition to its own employees, all companies working for PALLAS must also meet the core values of safety, reliability, and professionalism.
  • PALLAS identifies and evaluates all environmental impacts and aspects of its activities and defines and implements control measures. This applies both to its own organisation and to suppliers and (sub)contractors.
  • PALLAS ensures it complies with legal or other applicable (legal or licensing) requirements.
  • PALLAS ensures a minimisation of the waste flow by (eventually) organising the operation as efficiently as possible.
  • PALLAS involves all employees in environmental objectives and holds them to the applicable environmental policy.

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