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Dutch Minister informed Dutch Parliament about the progress of the PALLAS-project

5 July 2019

The Dutch Minister for Medical Care informed the Dutch Parliament about the progress of PALLAS. The Minister gave an update on the progress of the PALLAS initiative and the process with the private investors. Amongst others, the Minister addressed the public interest of the PALLAS-reactor. He highlighted the importance of security of supply of medical isotopes in the future.

Link to message on the website of the Dutch Parliament: link
Link to letter to the Parliament: link
Link to message on the site of the Province Noord-Holland: link

Annual review PALLAS

16 April 2019

With this publication we would like to inform all stakeholders with regard to the PALLAS-reactor about the progress of the PALLAS-project. In this second edition we’ve spoken with, among others, two nuclear physicists, a patient that’s been treated with medical isotopes and our own staff.Continue reading

Agreement about zoning plan PALLAS

5 April 2019

The municipality of Schagen agreed on Tuesday 2 April to the PALLAS zoning plan. This is a good step forward. The revision of the zoning plan, the Image Quality Plan and the SEA PALLAS-Plan thus make the future location of PALLAS in Petten possible.Continue reading