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Webinar architecture PALLAS-buildings

25 January 2021

On Thursday, January 21th 2021, the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) and ICHOS presented the architecture of the PALLAS-buildings via a webinar. The full broadcast can be viewed below. English subtitles will follow shortly.

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15 January 2021

The time has finally come: the design of the new PALLAS-reactor and associated buildings is ready! We would like to share the designs and tell the story behind the design of the buildings.

On Thursday 21 January from 19:30 – 20:30, the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) and ICHOS will present the architecture of the new buildings at PALLAS. The design of the buildings is unique in a special location in the dunes on the Energy & Health Campus in Petten.

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