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Signing session Nuclear Academy

12 January 2024

Today a declaration of intent was signed between the MBO’s (secondary vocational education) and the nuclear sector, to increase the influx of employees with sufficient basic knowledge of the nuclear industry. This requires a strengthening of the relationship between the nuclear sector and educational institutions, in which secondary vocational education plays a crucial role.

The nuclear sector in the Netherlands has acquired a new dynamic. The Dutch government has concrete ambitions for the realization of two new nuclear power stations in the Netherlands. Research is being conducted into keeping the nuclear power plant in Borssele open for longer. Moreover, as a result of geographical developments, the need for raw materials for nuclear reactor fuel has increased. Therefore, the capacity for uranium enrichment by Urenco in Almelo (Overijssel) will be expanded. And major steps are now also being taken towards the realization of the new PALLAS-reactor in Petten (North Holland), where medical isotopes are produced.

The declaration of intent is the starting signal for cooperation between knowledge institutions, secondary vocational education, and the Dutch nuclear sector.

Signing session Nuclear Academy

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