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Provincial States of North Holland visit the construction site of new PALLAS-reactor

27 March 2024

Every year, the Province is informed by NRG|PALLAS about the progress of the PALLAS Programme. This year, members of the Provincial States visited the Energy & Health Campus (EHC) in Petten on 25 March 2024.

The Statesmen, accompanied by the Delegate Esther Rommel, were informed about the latest status of the progress in preparations for the construction of the PALLAS-reactor. The importance of medical isotopes for nuclear medicine was discussed in detail. Particular attention was paid to the developments of therapeutic isotopes for the treatment of cancer patients.

The arrival of the PALLAS-reactor is a huge boost for the Energy & Health Campus and for maintaining employment in the northern part of North Holland. The EHC currently provides 1,600 direct and 1,600 indirect jobs. The construction of the reactor itself will also bring additional employment, in which the Spanish contractor FCC is expected to work with mostly Dutch subcontractors.

Afterwards, the Statesmen visited the construction site of the PALLAS-reactor.

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