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A structured set of data is the core pillar of the PALLAS Project

24 November 2022

For the complex project of the PALLAS-reactor construction, integrated approach, digitalization of the design, and openness of information in compliance with ISO standards have been followed in the so called Common Data Environment (CDE). This approach has been acknowledged by the Dutch Cobouw Digitalization Award 2022.

PALLAS Information Management team, headed by Detlev van Loenhout, has been striving for the world-class structured data management from the start.

To ensure a high standard of information integration, the data is tightly structured according to an uniform language. Only after the data goes into the CDE, through the carwash process where information is formulated in the uniform language that applies to the whole project, can everyone work with it. Any change remains traceable due to a unique digital signature.

Thanks to this approach, the input from (sub-)contractors, designers, suppliers and consultants is evaluated on real-time basis. 

Transparency of the working environment is also crucial to the financial health of the project. 

Working with incomplete or outdated information in the big projects can add up to 15-20% more unintended financial costs.

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