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Market consultation General Contractor

15 September 2022

The basic design activities for the PALLAS-project have been finished in collaboration with ICHOS, the party contracted for the design activities. The organisation now enters the construction phase in which it wants to contract a General Contractor for the build of the PALLAS-reactor and several buildings and ancillaries for production and research of radioisotope for medical and industrial applications.

Prior to the start of the tender process, PALLAS is organising a market consultation to evaluate their tender strategy. The aim of this market consultation (which is a follow-up of the informal consultation in 2021) is to inform the market on the intended approach, confirm market interest, and ultimately maximise the chances for a successful tender. The market consultation has been announced through Mercell – TED and TenderNed. More info about the market consultation and tender can be found through this link.

Please note: the decision to finance the total PALLAS-programme is currently being addressed by the government and is expected this year. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport had ordered to the PALLAS organisation to take no irreversible steps until the Dutch government has taken a final funding decision. In parallel the Minister asked the PALLAS organisation to proceed with the project preparations to prevent unnecessary delay. This means that the market consultation for the General Contractor will proceed awaiting a final financing decision of the Dutch government. The official letter of the Minister can be accessed here.

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