Online market consultations realization PALLAS-reactor

Online market consultations realization PALLAS-reactor

09 October 2019

On 27 September, PALLAS organized online market consultations. During two webinars, NRG-PALLAS and ICHOS gave potential contractors a more detailed explanation of the status of the PALLAS-project and the scope and context of the projects that, in the future, will be brought to market.

Opportunities were also provided to ask questions. The webinar in the morning dealt with the conventional scope of the PALLAS-reactor project, in the afternoon the focus was on the civil work. Furthermore, the next steps of the tender process were named. 

In the coming month, PALLAS will enter into further discussions with various market parties and the work and commercial aspects will be discussed in more detail.

Both webinars can be viewed below. Much of the webinars are the same, only at the end of the webinar the specific scope (conventional versus civil) is discussed. Questions about the market consultation can be asked at

Market consultation – conventional scope

Market consultation – civil scope


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