PALLAS architecture: unique design in a unique location

PALLAS architecture: unique design in a unique location

14 January 2021

Today, the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) and the construction consortium ICHOS announce the architecture of the new PALLAS buildings. The design of the buildings is unique at a special location in the dunes of the Energy & Health Campus in Petten.

Anyone going for a stroll on the Petten campus at the end of the 2020s will be surprised. Both visitors and employees will experience nature instead of an oppressive feeling of a heavily secured site. They will feel welcomed by the open and orderly structure of the buildings. The design is innovative and sustainable, and blends in perfectly with the rural dunescape in Petten. The use of colour in the facades allows a glance of the inside of the transparent office building with its visitor centre, of the support building, of the tower and of the robust reactor building and its L-shaped logistics building. The facades are in perfect harmony with the continuously changing colours in the sky and the landscape, and they pleasantly complement the horizon. The buildings and the colour scheme of the intermediate tracks and roads combine as one. The same design principle was used for the Nuclear Health Centre, a design by the architectural firm Broekbakema, to make it match the appearance of the other buildings.

In short, this is a splendid first transformation of the research location Petten into a high-quality Energy & Health Campus. After closing down the High Flux Reactor, the new reactor will become the beating heart of a high-tech working area that, in addition to facilitating the production of medical isotopes, will also facilitate the collaboration of varying national and international parties in developing nuclear research and sustainable energy solutions, and thus in improving the health of millions of patients a year. A future that Petten and the Netherlands can take great pride in.

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PALLAS and ICHOS are organising a webinar on the evening of Thursday the 21st of January 2021, from 19:30 to 20:30 hours. During this webinar, the architects of ICHOS and Broekbakema provide an explanation and you can ask all your questions to the management of PALLAS. All residents of the municipality of Schagen are invited. You can register for this online event using the form below. The event is in Dutch and will be provided with English subtitles afterwards. The entire webinar will be shared on this website including subtitles as soon as possible.


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