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Plenty of interest in the PALLAS-reactor during the Day of Construction

13 June 2024

Hundreds of interested people visit the construction site of the PALLAS-reactor

During the national Construction Day on 8 June (Dag van de bouw), NRG PALLAS gave interested parties the opportunity to come and look at the preparatory works for the realization of the PALLAS medical reactor. Cora Blankendaal, spokesperson for the PALLAS project: "We are very pleased that there has been such an enthusiastic response to our invitation to come and take a look at the construction site. Interested parties came mainly from the immediate vicinity, those who had missed our invitation could visit the church of Petten, where an information exhibition has been set up about the works on the PALLAS-reactor project."

The PALLAS-reactor is of great importance for the production of medical isotopes, an essential ingredient for nuclear medicines, for diagnostics and therapy of patients with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. These are still produced in the High Flux Reactor, which is more than 60 years old. Worldwide, more than 30,000 patients depend on these medical isotopes every day for diagnosis or treatment of life-threatening diseases such as cancer. To ensure that the availability of these medical isotopes is guaranteed, preparations are in full swing on the Energy & Health Campus in Petten for the realization of the new PALLAS-reactor.

Phases towards the realization of the PALLAS-reactor

In 2022,  preparatory works on the site, where the PALLAS-reactor is built, started. Together with KWS Infra, infrastructure and a separate entrance for construction traffic has been built. Subsequently, in 2023, BESIX started preparatory works on the construction pit, which have been since in full swing. In the meantime, FCC Construcción has been contracted for the construction of the PALLAS-reactor, which will start after BESIX has completed its work. The PALLAS-reactor will be operational around 2030. For anyone who wants to know more about the works on the PALLAS-reactor, an information exhibition has been set up in the former church in Petten.

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