A peek behind the scenes of the Nuclear Health Centre

18 January 2022

Preparations for the construction of the Nuclear Health Centre (NHC) are underway. The first pole is expected to go into the ground in mid-2022.

The NHC provides the full infrastructure to develop and produce radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals. It shortens timelines and reduces cost of goods due to the logistical chains from reactor via the NHC on 1 site directly to patient in treatment facilities. This makes the Nuclear Health Centre unique in the industry.

In the video below, we see the NHC building at the Energy and Health Campus, where not only the NHC will be build, but also the PALLAS-reactor. It’s the supply chain at the EHC, which is already present today, that makes the NHC a strong addition.

More information about the NHC can be found at our site through this link.