Working visit minister Van Ark to NRG-PALLAS

Working visit minister Van Ark to NRG-PALLAS

08 July 2021

The minister for Medical Care and Sport, Tamara van Ark, visited the Energy & Health Campus in Petten this afternoon. The minister spoke with medical experts and with board members and programme managers of NRG-PALLAS about the importance of medical isotope production. Special attention was paid to the development of new therapeutic isotopes and nuclear medicines.

The minister was informed about the production chain of medical isotopes and about the new treatment methods that are being developed. Guest speaker Dr. Wouter Vogel, nuclear medicine physician at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Antoni van Leeuwenhoek), gave a presentation on the importance of nuclear medicines for patients.

Minister Van Ark: “Impressive to see where the medical isotopes are made. With this, over 30,000 patients are diagnosed or treated who are seriously ill, what a beautiful and meaningful work.”

The minister made it clear that the next cabinet must make a final decision on the investment needed to realize the PALLAS-reactor. In addition, a special envoy will be working to see if there can be cooperation in Europe for the security of supply of medical isotopes and the development of innovative cancer therapies for patients. The special envoy will create support among the member states for PALLAS, which can make an important contribution to this.

Working visit minister Van Ark to NRG-PALLAS


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