Senior Nuclear Safety and PSA Engineer

About the job

You will be overall responsible for the compliance with regulatory and safety requirements related to PSA (Level 1 to 3). From the identification of all possible risks (e.g. core damage, core melt and radiological releases) to providing input to design and organizational measures, to the identification of mitigating SSC’s and Human Actions and actively contributing to the design-safety interface. All this to meet probabilistic safety objectives and to ensure a balanced design of the PALLAS reactor. Other activities:

  • To set clear requirements, expectations and acceptance criteria on the PSA of the PALLAS-reactor;
  • Establish and follow the process and planning for the development and update of the PALLAS-reactor PSA; 
  • Manage and keep the oversight of the PSA work performed by contractors;
  • Perform verification activities of the PSA or safety related documentation;
  • Contribute to the compliance check of regulatory and (project and technical) safety;
  • Defend the PSA in front of the Dutch regulatory body and manage their requests for additional information;
  • Support the review and assessments of HFE, Reliability and Availability;

A full job description is available upon request.

Your profile

Since this is a Senior position, it goes without saying you have extensive knowledge of nuclear safety, Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA, nuclear regulations and hazard/fault identification studies. Next to in depth knowledge and broad experience, excellent stakeholder management skills are crucial, as well as the ability to communicate across borders and cultures. The most important qualifications in bullet points:

  • A university degree in Engineering (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics); 
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience (Nuclear Safety and PSA);
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written);
  • Living in the Alkmaar region or are willing to relocate;

An AIVD screening (level B) is part of the selection process. More information about the screening can be found on:

A personality test and/or English language proficiency assessment may be administered if deemed necessary.

What we offer

Even for the seasoned Nuclear Safety expert, this is a unique opportunity in terms of technique, design and social relevance. PALLAS offers you a solid package: a competitive salary with holidays allowance, pension scheme and coverage of your commuting costs. And also a business phone and laptop. You will be offered all necessary training to become and remain suitably qualified. And you will be supported in your personal development as PALLAS considers sustainable employability important for its employees. You will experience that the work has a high degree of variation and challenges, with many opportunities to learn and grow. Joining PALLAS means joining a vibrant international community of professionals with experts from all over the world. Each using their expertise to elevate the project and each other to the next level.


At our office in Alkmaar, over a 100 (nuclear) specialists from more than 20 countries are working on the realization of the PALLAS-reactor: a state-of-the-art multifunctional nuclear reactor, to be built in the dunes of Petten, just 60 km’s north of Amsterdam. This newbuild will enable the Netherlands to continue to help millions of people and even save lives for the next 50 years. The isotopes are used for diagnoses and treatment of 30.000 patients a day worldwide, that suffer from life-threatening diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular conditions. And by carrying out various nuclear (technological) research programs, the PALLAS-reactor will also contribute to the development of safe and climate neutral energy supply.

The eight members of Our Safety Demonstration team are responsible for a suitable safety demonstration of the PALLAS reactor, with the main goal of obtaining the license to commission and operate the PALLAS reactor Within this driven, international and diverse team we now have a vacancy for a Senior Nuclear Safety and PSA Engineer, who's willing to contribute to PALLAS acting as an Intelligent Customer and becoming an Intelligent Owner and Operator of one of the worlds leading nuclear production and research reactor.


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Do you want to apply? Click the button below!