Directie en raad van toezicht

Directie (personele unie)

Bertholt Leeftink (1968) is the CEO of the Executive Board of PALLAS and NRG. He is a senior governmental official with extensive business experience.  

Before joining PALLAS and NRG, Bertholt has held various management positions at the Dutch government. He was the Director-General Enterprise & Innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the interim Director at the Netherlands Investment Agency (the predecessor of Invest-NL).

Bertholt studied General Economics at the University of Amsterdam and completed his PhD in International Monetary Economics at the same university. He is a top professional in developing and maintaining long-term government relationships. He is a team player and likes to achieve concrete results with different (private and public) stakeholders.

In addition to his rich CV, Bertholt also has wide experience in board positions and held positions at various business associations.

Bertholt Leeftink | CEO NRG/PALLAS

Directie PALLAS

Hermen van der Lugt | CEO PALLAS

Hermen van der Lugt (1966) has been the CEO of the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) since its start in 2013. He changed and developed the PALLAS organization from a small project team into the organisation it currently is, an organisation consisting of top professionals and international suppliers.

Hermen is a physicist by education. After his PhD study in experimental physics, he worked as a (Senior) Researcher in telecommunication and information technology in a public-private setting at the Telematics Institute in the Netherlands. After several years, he took the CEO position and founded several spin-off companies that all still exist today.

Hermen is an expert in dealing with complex professional challenges, in representing industry partners in public-private partnerships and he is fully comfortable working in an international professional setting.

Nico van Ginkel | CFO PALLAS

Nico van Ginkel (1975) currently is the CFO of the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS). Nico is a professional in finance who benefits from 20 years of international experience. He likes to be involved in complex financial and strategic organisational challenges, which he encounters at PALLAS.

Before joining PALLAS 5 years ago, he gained experience by holding Senior Financial Management and Executive positions in the construction industry, employed by larger quoted international construction companies, Royal BAM Group and Ballast Nedam. In his roles, he took responsibility for large project portfolios.

Nico has strong analytical and communication skills. His main achievements are successfully restructuring a precast concrete factory, growing an international construction company and the successful start-up of complex projects in various countries.

Directie NRG

Maik Smit (1973) has been the CFO of NRG since 2018 after several years being the financial manager at ECN / NRG. Maik and his team carved-out the activities of ECN in the field of sustainable energy to TNO in 2018, after which the Foundation Stichting ECN/NRG was able to focus on its nuclear activities. Since then, Maik and his team have been working on NRG’s medical isotope strategy.

Maik holds an economic degree and obtained a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) degree at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained the MBA Modules Strategic Management, Operational Management, ICT and Marketing. In 1996, he started at PwC and continued working at the audit firm for almost 10 years. He also worked for a technical wholesaler as a Financial Manager and later as a Financial Director.

Maik likes to work in a team and is passionate about solving complex financial issues. He is an experienced leader and hands-on manager.

Maik Smit | CFO NRG

Raden van toezicht (personele unie)

Dr. G. Zalm | Voorzitter

Raad van toezicht PALLAS en NRG:

  • J.W.R. van Lunteren MSc,
  • Prof. dr. W.C. Turkenburg,
  • Ir. P.E.M. Buck,
  • Dr. J.H. Egberts,
  • Prof. dr. ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen,
  • Drs. P.G. Winters,
  • Dr. ir. B.C. Fortuyn,
  • Dr. M.M.G. Pubben.

Adviseur raad van toezicht: Prof. dr. J. Telgen.