Personele Unie

Personele Unie NRG|PALLAS

Stichting Voorbereiding Pallas-reactor (PALLAS) vormt samen met NRG (onderdeel van stichting NRG en voorheen ECN) een personele unie. Er blijven twee organisaties bestaand. De directies van beide organisaties worden gevormd door de CEO Berholt Leeftink, Maik Smit (CFO), Hermen van der Lugt (CRO) en Nico van Ginkel (CFO). Ook bij de raden van toezicht is er sprake van een personele unie. Gerrit Zalm is voorzitter van de beide raden van toezicht.

Bertholt Leeftink CEO

Directie PALLAS

Peter Dijk Programme Director

Peter Dijk has been in charge of the PALLAS programme organisation since February 2022. Peter supervises the construction of the PALLAS-reactor and its connected facilities for the production of nuclear medicines at the Energy and Health Campus.

Before joining PALLAS this year, Peter was head of programme development with the Schiphol Group. During the period 2008 – 2016, he was involved in the construction of the North-South connection in Amsterdam as the project director, and he acted as the general manager for the “Tram & Subway Service”. Previous to that Peter contributed to the success of the Betuwe-route as project director

Large, complex projects combined with social interest mark his career. Peter has the experience and skills needed to realise a unique and complex infrastructural programme.

Nico van Ginkel CFO

Nico van Ginkel (1975) currently is the CFO of the Foundation Preparation Pallas-reactor (PALLAS). Nico is a professional in finance who benefits from 20 years of international experience. He likes to be involved in complex financial and strategic organisational challenges, which he encounters at PALLAS.

Before joining PALLAS 5 years ago, he gained experience by holding Senior Financial Management and Executive positions in the construction industry, employed by larger quoted international construction companies, Royal BAM Group and Ballast Nedam. In his roles, he took responsibility for large project portfolios.

Nico has strong analytical and communication skills. His main achievements are successfully restructuring a precast concrete factory, growing an international construction company and the successful start-up of complex projects in various countries.

Raden van toezicht (personele unie)

Dr. G. Zalm | Voorzitter

Raad van toezicht PALLAS en NRG:

  • J.W.R. van Lunteren MSc,
  • Prof. dr. W.C. Turkenburg,
  • Ir. P.E.M. Buck,
  • Dr. J.H. Egberts,
  • Prof. dr. ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen,
  • Drs. P.G. Winters,
  • K. Smit,
  • Dr. M.M.G. Pubben.

Adviseur raad van toezicht: Prof. dr. J. Telgen.